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Insole Foot Warmer
Starter Package

80 % of the women suffer from cold feet and not only during winter! The temperature of your toes can go down to 8 degrees!

  Did you know?
  Cold feet can be dangerous. According to a Study of the Cardiff University
in Wales the relation between cold feet
and catching a cold is proven.



This problem can be solved with  the Heat2Go products.

Read the medical expertise from Dr. med Zrim from Klagenfurt about this topic.


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by the way...
This winter, you should do your hands a favour.

Even on the coldest winter days, keep your hands warm with the
Thermo Gloves,
the first wireless and rechargeable heated gloves worldwide
that even fit underneath your other gloves.



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  • value for money, rapid aid for the cold
  • easy to use
  • from € 1.98 incl. VAT plus postage and packing
  • holds the heat for a long time
  • environmentally-friendly
  • no batteries required
  • can be used for all parts of the body
  • can be used anywhere when needed
  • completely safe materials
  • can be stored for long periods

From a unit price of only € 1.98 inc. VAT plus postage and packing you can now keep your hands, feet or other parts of the body warm with our Heat2Go Warmth Products.
How often in winter have you suddenly become aware while walking that your hands are cold, while skiing that your feet are cold, while working in the open air that your kidney region or shoulders are cold? Now you can keep the affected areas warm in all these situations, rapidly, simply and at a reasonable price. You need only carry one of our Heat2Go Warmth products with you, tear open the packaging and put the warmth product in your gloves, inside your boots or stick it on clothing on the part of the body affected. Tearing open the pouch allows air to reach a completely safe mixture of activated carbon, which immediately releases heat.

This heat can be up to 45°C depending on the product and stays warm for up to 8 hours. A cheaper, faster system is almost impossible.

The Heat2Go Warmth Products are so small, handy and light, that you can always keep a couple in your pocket.
From a unit price of only € 1.98 inc. VAT plus postage and packing you can now keep your hands, feet or other parts of the body warm with our Heat2Go Warmth products.


      Heat2Go Warmth Products use active carbon heaters.
These are a mixture of natural materials, such as iron powder, sodium chloride, active carbons, water and vermiculite.    


These materials are surrounded by a soft, gas-porous membrane and come with airtight packaging.


Opening the airtight packaging allows oxygen to penetrate and it slowly oxidises the iron.
This exothermic reaction releases
heat into the surrounding area, which lasts depending on the product up to 8 hours.

Heat2Go Warmth Products contain no toxic or harmful ingredients. Once used they can be quite simply disposed of in household refuse..


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